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Do you want the best scuba diving in Indonesia? There are so much to choose from. With 17,508 islands and more than 80,000 kilometers of coastline, Indonesia is a great place to go scuba diving. So, you option is endless.

There are countless diving locations to discover in the expansive archipelago, which has 3 million square kilometers of territorial waters. It is even harder to choose because some are even close to one another. Therefore, you can hop from one to the other in a day.

How much does scuba diving in Indonesia cost? Actually, very affordable. Some scuba diving course Indonesia charge around 200 to 400 rupiah. They even provide the equiments when you dont have any. Now that is a real comfort. 

The Top Best Scuba Diving Spots in Indonesia

There are numerous diving locations in Indonesia that can accommodate divers of all levels, from novice to certified advanced. The location itself offers a variety of atmosphere. You can travel to a nearby bay, a deep cave, or a diving site close to a volcano. 

Depending on your diving experience and preferences, you can narrow down the numerous dive sites here. Here are some of the best suggestions for scuba diving in Indonesia.

1. An underwater volcano site is Banua Wuhu.

Mahengetang is the name of one of Indonesia’s many dive-able active volcanoes. It is somewhere in Manado, Sulawesi, 400 meters below sea level. The trip to get to this dive site is quite long. The volcano’s Banua Wuhu crater is where you will be scuba diving. No wonder, people consider it as one of the best scuba diving spot with abundant of amazing waterlife.

Divers can explore the combination of crystal-clear water, immaculate reefs, and an abundance of marine life. Therefore, you have a whole experience. When swimming around sulfuric bubbles with fish, coral, and other underwater life. Let us put it this way, it’s best to exercise caution because of the sporadic rumblings.

2. The deep interior of the earth is the Kupang Freshwater Caves.

This website is for experienced divers who have a passion for underwater exploration. Moreover, for those with high motivation of experience thrilling adventures. How do you feel about diving in caves?

It is one of the few diving opportunities in Indonesia where you can scuba dive inside a cave. Kupang City, West Timor, is home to a number of caverns that awaits for divers to come and explore. The miles-long Kupang freshwater caves are like a labyrinth beneath West Timor.

The stalactites and shell fossils in the caves’ surroundings are beautiful. The water is so clear that divers can see with just a light touch even though they are inside a cave. A skilled diver must navigate the difficult terrain due to the haloclines and thermoclines in the dive sites. Therefore, it is truly one of the best scuba diving heaven that you can find in Indonesia.

3. Shark diving at Belongas Bay’s “The Magnet.”

Another scuba diving in Indonesia is here. dive site that is mostly recommended for experienced divers is this one. You are going to be scuba diving in a place where there are huge hammerhead sharks and other wildlife. There aren’t many locations in the world where you can do that.

Southwest of the neighboring island of Lombok, which is near Bali, is where the Belongas Bay is situated. For this exhilarating dive, proper planning is essential if you want to take in the underwater scenery and dive with sharks.

4. At Crystal Bay, Best Scuba Diving With Sea Monsters.

The best way to see beautiful fish that are either rare or at the verge of extinction is by diving. By building diving sites close by, you can give it a place to live and maintain its existence. Mola Mola, the unique Bali Sunfish that is only found in Crystal Bay, is a resident of this region.

The enormous fish lies 30 meters beneath the surface of the water. Other pelagic species such as leopard sharks, whitetip sharks, and eagle rays can be seen in the area if you are not lucky enough to see this rare animal. Don’t forget about the other natural beauty the island has to offer, like the coral reefs that are between 15 and 20 meters below the surface of the water.

5. Diving Under a Temple: The Pemuteran Biorock Project.

That kind of diving is certainly worthwhile. Even novice divers can easily dive the deep reef area. It is kept well hidden and off the grid to safeguard both the dive site and the neighborhood. You can try this best scuba diving in Bali and enjoy the rest of the day at the beach.

There are so many activities that you can do there. Some of them include, encourage the growth of coral, where the underwater temple in Pemuteran. 15 meters below the surface, you can see 10 statues and a four-meter entryway.

You can go diving and snorkeling nearby and take advantage of the abundance of corals that have only been present for six years. This diving location is accessible from Denpasar Airport. If you’d like to stay longer, the area is home to many villas and homestays.

In Indonesia, there are several locations where you can go for one of the best scuba diving. The beautiful scenery is accessible from both above and below the water. Your diving experience will also be enhanced by the breathtaking backdrop. 

The numerous best scuba diving resorts in Indonesia can help you. There are many that offers all inclusive stay and dive at the same time. You dont have to think about the equipment. Moreover, there are professionals willing to help you out

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