5 Interior Design Styles Predicted to be a Trend in 2023

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Trends and styles of interior design for homes that are currently popular can indeed affect the lifestyle of the occupants of the house. Conversely, the current situation in human lifestyles can affect the design trends. Therefore, people often seek what is populat as inspiration.

For example, during the pandemic, which kept more people at home all day, decorating homes become more appealing. Therefore, people seek for reference to make their house as comfortable as possible. Moreover, not the just interior, but also exterior as a whole.

Interior design trends in 2020–2022 were more focused on creating a comfortable, beautiful, and healthy place to live with lots of natural elements. Workspaces that are designed optimally and comfortably are also a trend. Therefore, these facts can rengthened by companies implementing work-from-home, work-from-anywhere, or hybrid work systems. 

Various Interior Design As Inspiration

It is interesting to watch for fans of interior design. Of course, it also needs to be known and adopted by the interior designers themselves. Being an interior designer who understands and recommends trends to his clients will be a plus that shows quality taste. In 2023 itself, interior design trends will be dominated by the persistence of a minimalist and modern style.

Those who are more influenced by natural or soft accents and touches with a post-pandemic lifestyle that still prioritizes natural elements and comfort followed by trends and styles that are more eclectic, consisting of a number of unconventional and bolder plays of colors, textures, materials, and shapes.

There are many collection five of them, which can be used as a reference to refresh the look of your residential interior design for homes in 2023. However, there are some that stood out. Not just because they are simple, but also comfortable and can make homes more appealing.

1. Natural Ambiance

Colors, materials, and a comfortable and beautiful natural atmosphere, as in natural or biophilic Japanese interior design. Enhanced by increasing eco-friendly living, sustainability, and physical and mental health maintenance through more natural means

This type of interior design idea, which emphasizes natural aspects and looks, will likely be increasingly popular in 2023. Biophilic or Japandi Natural interiors will increasingly dominate. Of course, with earthy colors and wood, bamboo, or rattan materials on the furniture, as well as the use of sunlight and air from the ventilation, there are also many indoor plants that maintain the quality of life for the residents of the house.

2. Something Golden

After being somewhat abandoned, gold furniture accents are back in 2023 for the love of luxury in your home. After an interior design that is more synonymous with muted, monochrome, and neutral colors like Scandinavian or Industrial, 2023 looks more sparkling.

Shiny finishes, particularly gold on furniture, will be popular in 2023.Gold accents are synonymous with modern, classic, or even European-style interior designs that can still be combined with a minimalist style.

Starting from the gold accents in the kitchen and bathroom to the chandeliers and picture frames in the dining room, it makes it look luxurious and eclectic. There are many interior designers that can make your dream of a golden home come true.

3. Wall lamps

Large chandeliers are starting to be forgotten, so welcome the trend of illuminating wall lamps as well as beautifying the walls of the house. In the past few years, lighting trends in homes have changed. It starts with a large, contemporary-design chandelier that becomes a centerpiece in the middle of the house.

Then there are floor lamps with sleek and modern designs. 2023 is the year for wall lamps, which were not very popular before. The interior design ideas elaborate on the fact that wall lights don’t only function for lighting. With the right model and placement, wall lights can play with the angles and symmetry of space and, of course, beautify the room with their shape. 

4. Interior Design with Bright Carpets

Carpets that have unique and asymmetrical shapes with bright motifs and colors will make homes more colorful in 2023. Carpets at home are usually square or rectangular in shape. The color also tends to be safe. Neutral or even if it’s colored, it’s not too bright. 

Meanwhile, the carpet trend in 2023 is even busier, more unique, and cooler! The creativity of carpet makers lately has allowed us to see many unique carpet creations. The shape is not just square or round. Some are asymmetrical, in the form of popular characters, certain objects, and, of course, with various colors and motifs.

5. Aches

Bye-bye, sharp and firm angles. It’s Time for Arch Accents to Replace Room Openings in Homes. You may often see curved room opening models like this in hotels, contemporary Mediterranean-style restaurants, or popular places that are crowded.

Well, the trend in commercial buildings is starting to move to residential buildings. The rounded shape makes the room look more dynamic and fresh. The room also becomes more stylish with curved accents whose size can be customized.

Arches can also be strategically placed to frame a room more dramatically and, of course, to add character to the interior. Who knows, right? These 2023 interior design trends could be part of the 2023 resolution.

It can be as simple as purchasing beautiful patterned sheets, purchasing new carpets, switching to softer mattresses, switching wardrobes to 3-door wardrobes, or completely renovating the house. Don’t forget to keep up with the latest interior design trends, okay?

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