Exploring Savannah in Indonesia, Banyuwangi and All Its Beauty

savannah in indonesia

Savannah in Indonesia are numerous with its uniqeness. It has abundant natural wealth and a potential to be a tourist attraction. Many of Indonesia’s natural beauty resembles the natural beauty of the world. Like the snowy Jayawijaya Peak in the style of the Alps or the warm atmosphere of Garut which often compared to Switzerland van Java. 

The beauty of the savanna in Java has boosted the popularity of Banyuwangi, East Java and calls it Indonesia’s Africa. Sure, there are other savanna in Indonesia that are both captivating and natural. Yet, Banyuwangi has something different to offer. 

Thrilling Savannah in Indonesia Tourism

The combination of savanna fields, wildlife and hot air mixed with cool Banyuwangi, invites tourists to visit. The experience of exploring the outdoors that is served by stunning views of the savanna is an attractive and increasingly popular tourist choice. 

The charm of Banyuwangi summons both local and foreign tourists with the convenience of doing tours in this vast expanse of savanna which is very instagrammable.

1. Easy and Reachable Location

The Savannah expanse that can be enjoyed after entering Baluran National Park is located in the city of Banyuwangi. The destination of this tourist destination is on the Banyuwangi-Situbondo border. Tourists can rent a Surabaya Banyuwangi tourism bus, use a jeep rental, or a private car from the nearest city in Java. The location is easy to reach from big cities in Java.

2. Diverse Attraction

The nickname Africa Van Java for Banyuwangi offers an unparalleled appeal. Tourists can enjoy a charming sunset view of the savanna. Tourists are also treated to natural scenery and see wild animals in the wild such as deer, monkeys, horses, bulls, buffalo, long-tailed monkeys that live freely.

This savannah in Indonesia is a combination of great fauna and flora. Indonesia being a tropical country, do have some part that receive less rain. It bring diversity to the country dominated with abundant of forests. Is this something that you may find interesting?

3. Savannah in Indonesia : Transportation

Reaching this tourist location can use two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. Its strategic location is passed by main routes which can be reached by train, bus or airplane by changing vehicles when it reaches the city of Banyuwangi. 

For convenience, tourists can rent a car from Jogjakarta, rent a Surabaya Banyuwangi tourism bus, or bring their own vehicle. This attractive savannah in Indonesia like others, the acess maybe difficult, but there are some accomodation that are quite adequate. Some may call it far from comfortable. Of course, different opinion may beg the different. 

4. Affordable Entrance Tickets

Tourists do not need to dig deep into their pockets because entrance tickets and vehicle fees are quite affordable. On normal days, tourists who come need only pay 5,000 and vehicle fees ranging from 10,000 to 15,000. Meanwhile, prices are doubled for weekends, which are still cheap tours but commensurate with the various advantages.

Banyuwangi is one of savannah in Indonesia that has quite the popularity. There are savanna Bromo, Merbabu, Sumba, and other great places scattered all over Indonesia. If you visited Java, you have the opportunity to visited not one savanna but several of them. The affordable entrance fee, the sceneries, and friendly people all around. There are many reasons to put Banyuwangi on your bucket list to Indonesia. 

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